Shepherd’s Walk

The Annual Shepherd’s Walk


“Due to the uncertainty around the ongoing Covid threat, and failing to be successful with a grant application to cover the cost of the bus transfers, the Beaudesert Historical Society have decided to cancel this year’s Shepherd’s walk.

This is an unfortunate decision, which has not come easily, but we feel we must have the best health interests in mind for members, volunteers and guests, as well as giving consideration to the difficulties of funding the bus transfers for the event.

We apologise for those who had planned to come along and hope that we can, given better conditions next year, hold the event once again.”

We wish everyone a healthy year ahead.

The memory of Aboriginal tribe’s people and Chinese Shepherds who lost their lives in conflict circa 1850 in the Kerry Valley is honoured by THE SHEPHERD’S WALK, an event organised by The Historical Society of Beaudesert through The Beaudesert Museum.

Read about the Sheperd’s Walk in this article by the Beaudesert Times.

Shepherd’s Walk 2019 (Credit: Susie Cunningham)

How & why the Shepherd's Walk originated

A brief account of the Shepherd’s Walk and what it commemorates:

Circa 1850 Messrs Barker, Christmas Creek (Western Slopes of Ginbroken Range) and Compigne, Nindooinbah (Eastern slopes of Ginbroken Range) employed many Chinese Shepherds to tend their flocks of sheep. When the sheep required washing prior to shearing, the shepherds would herd them to their respective washpools at Christmas Creek and the Albert River at Kerry.

The families would visit each other socially for gatherings and would walk from Christmas Creek over the Ginbroken Range to the campsite at Kerry on the banks of the Albert River.

Early one morning there was a confrontation between the Shepherds at Christmas Creek and a group of local Aboriginal Tribesmen. During the skirmish it is reported that three Shepherds were killed, there being no report of Aboriginal fatalities or casualties if any.

Oral history relates that a girl said to be the wife of one Shepherd and sister to another, managed to hide and escaped unharmed, eventually walking over the track to the Shepherds hut by the washpool at Kerry to relate the events.

The annual commemorative walk of approximately 9 kms has been held since 1987 and numbers increase each year

The event held in association with the Beaudesert Restored Auto Club is used to raise much needed funds for the maintenance of the Beaudesert Museum.

Information for walkers

Disappointingly the 2021 Shepherd’s Walk is cancelled.  (Please refer to statement on Shepherds Walk page. We wish everyone a healthy year ahead).

Intending walkers MUST REGISTER their names by 14th July 2020 with the Historical Society.

Walkers are to assemble at the Historical Museum, located at the corner of Brisbane Street and McKee Street Beaudesert, by 8.00am on the morning of the walk, to check in, pay and sign disclaimer.

Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and the child’s name included on the disclaimer signed for by the person responsible.It is preferable that Leaders of Bush Walking Clubs have their members complete the disclaimer form (attached) prior to checking in and paying.

Buses leave the Museum grounds at 8.30am and travel to Christmas Creek to view the monument erected in the memory of the Chinese Shepherds killed in the skirmish. A short address will be given on the historical significance of the day. The walk starts at Christmas Creek continues over the Jinbroken Range down to the washpool on the Albert River in the Kerry Valley.


On the grounds adjacent to the crossing Historical Society and Restored Auto Club members will have everything ready for walkers and non-walkers to enjoy a real Aussie BBQ sausage sizzle, with toast, tea, coffee, cordial and freshly cooked damper and syrup. Marquees and huge shady gum trees will provide lots of shade.


Please note:

  • There is some steep walking and those with health conditions must be aware of this. Regular spells for slower walkers will be taken when required.
  • Most of the walk is not in mobile serviced area and is inaccessible to four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Walkers are advised to carry drinking water and a snack for morning tea at the crest.
  • Toilets are available at Museum and at the picnic grounds only.
  • The walk is over private property.

Cost per person:

  • Adult walker or non-walker with bus fare and lunch: $25.00
  • Children with bus fare and lunch: $15.00
  • Non walkers travelling privately to picnic area for lunch: $10.00