Publications of the Scenic Rim Region

The Beaudesert Museum has a range of publications available for purchase.

Booklet costs start at $5- plus postage starting from $5 to $15- if required..

  • The Soldiers & Nurses of the Beaudesert District in WW1 (1914-1919) by David Mason $35- incl P&H
  • The World War 1 Home Front in the Beaudesert District 1914-1921 by David Mason FREE P&H $15-
  • Funding World War 1 The Australian War Loans & The Beaudesert War Loan Honour Flag by David Mason $5-
  • "Australia Remembers 1945-1995, Beaudesert in WWII", by Ailsa Rolley, The Beaudesert Times and the Historical Society of Beaudesert. $5-
  • The Story of the Naming of Beaudesert by Dr DF Burns $5-
  • The Beaudesert Post Office A History by Malcolm M Rea $5-
  • "A Pictorial History of The Upper Albert River" by Darlington State School $5-
  • "Aboriginal Elders of the Scenic Rim Region" by David Mason $5
  • "Step Back in Time to Beaudesert Shire", researched by G Hinton. $5-
  • "The Stinson Crash 1937". by David Mason  $15-
  • "Beaudesert Shire History Pioneers and Stations". $5-
  • "Modes of Historical Transport", by Jack Lewis. $5-
  • "The Flying W" by RW Fechner $10-
  • "The Shepherds Walk", by Brian P Ward. $5-
  • "The Railways and the Shire Tramway of the Beaudesert District" by Eileen Ward and David Mason. $5-
  • "Patrick Logan Journeys : 1827, 1828, 1839", by Dr DF Burns. $5-
  • "Historic Churches of the Beaudesert District".
  • "A Brief History on 'Closed' Schools in Albert and Christmas Creek Valleys, Cannon Creek and Bromelton", by Eileen Ward. $5-
  • "Laravale's Link To The Past "by Laravale State School $15-
  • "Thirty-nine Moons, Townsvale Cotton Plantation 1862-1873" by Ailsa Rolley  $15-
  • "Recollections:The First 50 Years" - Golden Jubilee of Historical Society by June Todd $15-
  • "Stinging Tales of Adventure" by Norman V Rice MBE $10-
  • Wild Guide to the Scenic Rim & Heritage Guide to the Scenic Rim by Queensland Museums $15 Each
  • "The Joy of Life" Poems by Joy Drescher $20-
  • The Early Country Party and the Scenic Rim an Ancestor of The LNP Queensland by David Mason $5-
  • Lamington National Park A History of Its Foundation $5- by D. Mason
  • The Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia 1915-1921 $5- by D. Mason
  • The Light Horse in the Beaudesert District 1908-1940 $5- by A.Struss & D. Mason
  • The Red Cross In The Beaudesert District In WW1 $5- by David Mason (Lists over 1000 Donators)
  • Beaudesert District Horse & Pony Club 1958-1998 $10- by Sheila Venz
  • Helping the Fighting Diggers 1914-1919 The Queensland Patriotic/Comforts Fund in the Beaudesert District $5- by D.Mason
  • Beaudesert Senior Citizens Club History : 1960-2010 $10- by Sheila Venz
  • Recruiting in the Beaudesert District WW1 1914-18 $5- by David Mason
  • The Beaudesert War Memorial $5- by Melanie Tasker
  • The Blacksmiths,Wheelwrights,Farriers and Coachbuilders of the Scenic Rim $10- by David Mason
  • Movers & Shakers (The Families Of the Beaudesert District) $65- by The Historical Society of Beaudesert

If you would like to purchase one of these publications, please forward your order with cheque or money order to the Historical Society of Beaudesert, 54 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert QLD 4285